Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Practice Crit Rolled On

I think quite a few people decided the weather looked a bit iffy tonight and skipped the crit as we only had about 35 people tonight. We did race under cloudy and cooler temperatures as well as a few sprinkles, but the road stayed dry and we had some spirited racing!

Just a reminder, next week (June 17) is the final practice crit of 2014.

Thanks to everyone for participating this year, and to those of you who volunteered!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Only Two Crits Left!

Good turn out again last night - 60+ racers.

Hard to believe but only two more practice crits are left for this year (ToAD starts up the week following the last crit - the start of Superweek / ToAD has been the traditional ending date for the practice crits).

Expect some primo swag for the final two races!

We had a bit more difficulty this week getting all the corners / driveways covered, so again, do your part and volunteer to corner guard. There are several A racers who have not yet volunteered to corner guard (and typically show up right before registration closes), so please make it a point to get here earlier next week to volunteer and so that we are not scrambling to get everything covered.