Sunday, April 24, 2016

Practice Crits Season Opener

Season Opener
The practice crits will start in about a week - opening night is Wednesday, May 4 (remember we have now moved to Wednesday nights).

The crits are a great opportunity for new racers to learn crit racing skills and for experienced racers to work on their skills.

There are two races each night. The B race (typically Cat 4/5, women, juniors, beginners) starts at 6:30 pm for about 30 minutes, and the A race (typically Cat 1/2/3) starts at 7:10 pm for about 50 minutes.

Note: During the B race, experienced racers will be available to "shadow" B race riders (for those who are interested) and provide in-race "instruction."

Season Schedule

The practice crits will be held every Wednesday through July (last one will be July 27), with the exception of June 22 during ToAD.

Food  Carts

As previously posted, we will have two local Madison food carts, Soho and Slide, at the season opener, and if they do enough business they will be back throughout the season - so be sure to bring some extra cash for post race munchies!


We will be giving away some nice swag during primes and to the winners of each race.

Category 5 to Category 4 Upgrades
The practice crits count as mass start races for those racers looking to upgrade from Cat 5 to Cat 4.

Weather Cancellations

Be sure to check this site for weather cancellations (I will try to post by 4:30 pm).

License Reminder
Remember that you must have a USA Cycling license in order to race (and you must present your license the first time at registration).

If you do not have a USAC license, you have two options:

- Buy an annual license (cost is $70), and although we will have annual license forms available on site, please join on-line and bring a print out of the license as it will make things much easier than trying to do it on site. Note that this license will allow you to race the entire series (plus any other USAC races).

- Buy a 1-day license (cost is $10), and although we will have 1-day license forms available on site, please complete the form online and bring a copy of the form/receipt to the practice crit. Note that this license will only allow you to race for the one day.

For both licenses, see for details about getting your license on-line.

Release Form Reminder
Everyone has to complete a USA Cycling release form only once, so save some time and complete the form on-line, print it out, and bring it with you. The form is available on-line at USA Cycling or open here and print.


Registration is located near the intersection of S Rosa Rd and Research Park Blvd, and opens about 6 pm and closes at 7 pm.

The entry fee to race is $5, and please bring exact change - no checks or credit cards will be accepted.

Note: The entry fee is waived for riders doing the B race for the first time. (After the first race, B racers will be expected to pay the $5 entry fee, which is a change from past years.)

Race Numbers
You will use the same race number for the season, so remember to save your race number and bring it with you each time.

Corner Guard Requirement
Everyone is expected to corner guard - no exceptions.

Please Read: We will be keeping track at each race, and after the first several races, if you have not volunteered to corner guard you will not be allowed to race (you can always bring a non-racer friend to serve in your place).

Practice Crit Rules
  1. All riders must wear a USA Cycling legal/approved bicycle helmet.
  2. Although the course is closed to traffic, there are occasionally vehicles that must enter/exit the course, so be aware while riding.
  3. No clip-on or other triathlon/time trial bars. USA Cycling legal road bikes only. 
  4. You may drop out and re-enter the race at any time except during the final two laps. Re-enter the race safely and on the straight sections of the course only. 
  5. Use the port-potties located behind the building near the corner of Charmany Dr and Research Park Blvd. 
  6. All USA Cycling rules are in effect (with the exception of the free lap rule, see #4).
  7. Be on your best behavior - we are guests and want to be able to continue to use the area for the practice crits in the future.