Thursday, July 9, 2015

2015 Practice Crits are Over

After giving the extension of the practice crits in July and August more thought, and talking it over with a number of other racers, we have decided NOT to continue the remaining practice crits as the interest this year seems to be at an all time low, and given the challenge and frustration of getting enough volunteers to corner guard each race, it just does not seem worth the effort to continue at this point.

We are thinking about changes for next year to make the practice crits a bigger and better event, including the likelihood of switching to Wednesday night, maybe a new location (with fewer corners to guard), the possibility of having a food cart and maybe even a beer cart on site for each race, better prizes, and making it a series (e.g., keep track of points, use Strava for lap times). I may also elicit further input on the practice crit blog (so visit the site occasionally for updates or to provide input).

Thanks to all of you who did make it out this year, and especially to those of you who volunteered!

See you next season!