Friday, April 18, 2014

Volunteers Needed

I am looking for two (or more) volunteers for key practice crit positions:

- registration czar
- corner guard czar

The registration czar will check racers in, have them complete the release form, assign race numbers, collect entry fees, and have them complete USAC license applications (if needed).

The corner guard czar will assign volunteers to corner guard positions for both the B and A races, and give a quick tutorial on corner guard duties.

Both jobs take place between 6 - 7 pm, and will still allow the volunteer to do the A race. If you know of a non-racer (e.g., spouse, significant other, neighbor) who wants to help out and also enjoy watching the races, ask them to volunteer. If several people volunteer, the positions can be "shared" and each person can take particular weeks.

Without these positions being filled, we will likely not be able to hold the races.

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