Monday, June 1, 2015

Can it Be?? A Warm and Sunny Forecast for Tuesday!

Well I expect tomorrow's practice crit to be well attended given this will be the first warm, sunny, and not too windy night of racing!

A couple important announcements:

- Please do not park or warm up in the Affiliated Engineers Inc parking lot (the lot close to registration/corner 3 on the inside of the course).

- Look for a survey to be posted here in the next week or so with questions regarding interest in continuing the practice crits in July and August (as many of you know, traditionally we stop in June).

Finally, please make it a point to volunteer to corner guard (and thanks to those who have and continue to do so each week). There are quite a few racers who show up to race, but have not yet volunteered - it is not fair to those who take the time to volunteer if others are not doing their part, and without adequate volunteers we cannot hold the races.

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