Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tomorrow Night looks Perfect for Racing!

Forecast looks great for tomorrow. sunny and mid 60s, with little wind. We will also have the Soho food cart there tomorrow too.

I made a "plug" for the crits at the Capital Brewery ride earlier tonight, and hopefully a number of those riders will also show up to check out the crits.

For those of you planning to come who are new, be sure to read some of the previous blog posts as they contain information and details about the crits, location, cost, etc.

Again, the practice crits are a great way to practice and develop bike handling skills, gain fitness, and check out what crit racing is all about. We will also have experienced racers there to coach as well.

A couple pics from last week - The B race getting started, and post race munchies courtesy of Slide food cart.

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