Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Successful First Crit

Glad the rain held off tonight, but let's hope for less wind and warmer temps for next time!

A couple "lessons" learned about coordinating the practice crits from the first crit of the season:

- In order to start on time, it would be helpful to have several people show up around 5:30 pm to help load and set up the road barricades. We had to wait a bit for helpers to show up tonight, which then means the races start a little late.

- After the last race, it would really be helpful if some of the A racers would break down the barricades at each of the corners and place them in the grass so that we can get them loaded and put away more efficiently.

- We could also use some help loading the barricades into the truck and then unloading them; 2-3 volunteers would be great, and it gets down quickly.

- B racers, please make it a point to stay and corner guard for the A race. We were a little short tonight (meaning a couple driveways were left unmanned). It is also worth mentioning that corner guarding the A race is also a good learning opportunity (watching how A racers corner, how they draft, when they attack, etc.). Plus you race the B race for free if you corner guard the A race.

Thanks to all of you who did help tonight!

See you next week.


  1. Do collegiate USAC licenses count for these events?

  2. See "All Set to Go!" post just below.