Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Week 2 Notes

We are still in need of more volunteers to corner guard, for both the B race and the A race.

  • A racers come early and B racers stay a little later so that you can help corner guard; the safety of the other racers is more important than a warm up or cool down for a practice crit. 
  • In another week or two, "hard ass" rules will begin in which those who race each week and never volunteer to help will be called out.
  • If you are assigned a corner guard location and notice a busy corner/driveway unattended, please say something over the walkie-talkie. A car entered the course from corner 2 this past week and started driving the wrong way on the course. Thankfully nothing serious happened given the person assigned that corner left it unattended.
Warmer weather is on the way, I just know it!

See you next week.

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